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Struggling to hire quality tech talent in Canada?

Path to Canada has played a huge role in recruiting and hiring top talent to meet the needs of growing technology companies in Canada. Companies like yours all over the country are experiencing unprecedented growth, and unfortunately, a corresponding tech shortage.

Did you know that Canada has a secret weapon to acquire tech talent – Global Talent Stream, the best work visa program in the world? We can help you use this program to acquire highly-skilled tech talent from around the world and the US and bring them to Canada permanently in less than 90 days.

What We Do?

Path to Canada is solving the Canadian tech talent shortage. We have a vetted pool of international tech talent (75% US H-1B visa holders and 25% global) that are eager to permanently move to Canada. You interview, decide who to hire, and then sponsor their Canadian work visa (via Global Talent Stream). Relocating tech talent into Canada using a world-class immigration program is our specialty.

Our personal, individualized high-touch service will not only save you time and effort, but we put our years of experience to work for you, finding you quality candidates that will help grow your company and so you can compete on the North American tech stage.

Our team partners with you to understand your specific talent requirements. In the following stages, we carefully vet experienced and educated US and global talent and present you with only the strongest candidates suited to your job.

Access our hands-on, full-service model for the same fee as a typical recruitment agency.
No upfront fees — you only pay once we find you your perfect employee.

Canada’s Secret Weapon

Global Talent Stream (GTS), Canada’s best-in-the-world immigration program, was created to specifically support the growth and scalability of the Canada’s tech market. GTS allows us to efficiently and quickly relocate the most outstanding, sought-after candidates to fulfill your open roles right here in Canada.


(8-10 Weeks)

Application Prep

2 Weeks

Labor Market Impact Assessment

2 Weeks

Work Visa Application

4-6 Weeks

Two-year work visa (renewable) which includes an open work visa for spouse.

Canada’s more flexible work visa and immigration systems, including the Global Talent Stream provide opportunities for foreign workers to move to Canada and live the “Canadian Dream”.

Fill your open roles quickly with highly experienced talent.

Combine Canada’s work class immigration program with our vetted pool of international tech talent
(75% H-1B U.S. visa holders and 25% global) that are eager and ready to move to Canada and you have an extraordinary opportunity
to capitalize on.

Five Simple Steps

Extend your talent acquisition strategy to include Global and U.S. talent. In 10 – 14 weeks, your open roles could be filled with an outstanding highly talented employee.

  1. Enter into a Service Agreement with Path to Canada
  2. Intake call with the Path to Canada recruitment team to gather information on your company and the perfect candidate
  3. Vetted candidates are submitted – you interview and hire workers that are the right fit for your role and company
  4. Work Visa process begins
  5. Worker moves to Canada and joins your team! Exclusive access to a new source of technical talent to help you build your engineering team in Canada
Exclusive access to a new source of technical talent to help you build your team in Canada

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