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How do I get experienced tech talent for my Canadian company?
Is this a different pool of talent than what I can currently access? What does it cost? Why should I use your services? What is the Global Talent Stream immigration program? Are these candidates ready to relocate to Canada? How long does this process take? Will it be a lot of work for me?

We fully understand that expanding your hiring strategies to include the possibility of hiring global tech talent comes with many burning questions. We are here to help. Below we’ve covered off some of the most frequent questions that our clients and candidates pose.

Every client has a unique situation and specific requirements for the tech roles that are actively trying to fill. Our team is ready to gain understanding of your unique needs and to answer all the questions you may have as you explore your options.

What is Path to Canada?

Path to Canada is solving the tech talent shortage in Canada. We are a two-sided marketplace that connects H-1B’s and global tech workers (e.g. software engineers, hardware engineers, developers) with Canadian tech companies who are actively recruiting for senior talent. Our Tech Talent Relocation Program utilizes Canada’s Global Talent Stream immigration program to rapidly relocate tech workers to Canada.

Tell me about your candidates? What makes them stand out?

Our candidates are senior-level, educated, experienced, tech professionals who are looking to move permanently to Canada to live and continue their tech careers. We have compiled a highly vetted and curated pool of candidates from around the world — including those ready to relocate from the US and others from all parts of the globe. The one thing in common is the quality of our review process to ensure the highest quality of candidates for your open role(s). Our niche is a pool of talent that are currently living and working in the US on work visas (i.e. OPT or H-1B) but who need to leave immediately due to H-1B denials or the inability to get US permanent residence. Our pool of immigrant tech workers are extraordinarily talented and looking to leave their country and build their life and tech careers in Canada.

If I decide to hire one of your candidates, what’s the process for getting them into Canada?

After we match you with a candidate you’d like to hire and upon their acceptance of your offer letter, we’ll connect you with immigration professionals (unless you have your own) who can guide you through the process of sponsoring your new employee into Canada. In a nutshell, you will sponsor their work visa via the Global Talent Stream, Canada’s work visa program. The entire process can be completed in under 90 days. 

How does Path to Canada work?

Step 1: Path to Canada will vet candidates for a Canadian employer. We’ll make sure each candidate is a great match for the role, and also qualified for the work visa.

Step 2: The employer will conduct interviews to decide if they’d like to make an offer to hire one of our candidates. Assuming they do, we move on to step 3.

Step 3: Upon candidate acceptance of the offer letter, the employer will apply for Global Talent Stream (Canada’s innovative new work visa program)

Step 4: Once the work visa is approved, the new hire will move to Canada and begin work.

Why can’t we access these candidates on our own?

Our pool of H-1B candidates are not looking for jobs in the conventional way. They are disillusioned with the US immigration protocols to gain permanent residency and are looking for ways to continue their careers in North America – they may not be aware that Canada is an option. They’re not on typical employment platforms or websites that you may be used to recruiting from. Path to Canada’s team of Cross Border Talent Specialists actively recruits skilled H-1B’s from the US we have connected with these candidates and have already begun the process of vetting them to ensure their technical and soft skills are relevant for the Canadian tech ecosystem. Our experts have years of combined experience working with tech talent and Canadian tech companies and we can make professional matches that will benefit both the employee and the employer.

What does your service cost?

Our pricing model is similar to that of a typical recruitment agency. Lets tackle your hiring dilemmas and get you access to extraordinary talent. Please contact us for more information.

Which Canadian cities or provinces do you support?

As a distributed team, we are able to support all provinces; coast to coast to coast.

What is the cost for your services?

There is no cost to you (the employee) for our services. The hiring employer pays Path to Canada for all placements. However, please note, there are costs associated with Canadian immigration, such as a permanent residence application and legal costs. Once you’ve been approved as a candidate, we can help you estimate and calculate the total cost for immigration and legal-type fees.

How long does it take before I’m living in Canada?

Each and every case is unique. It will take approximately 12-16 weeks before you are working and living in Canada. It takes time for a company to interview, select and hire you, and then time for Canadian immigration to approve your Global Talent Skills application. We will do everything we can to expedite the process and get you to Canada as soon as possible.

Does Path to Canada provide immigration services?

While we do not currently provide in-house immigration services, we are partnered with an incredible group of talented immigration lawyers who are able to provide legal and immigration services to our candidates.

What are the requirements for your Tech Talent Relocation Program?

Qualification is quick and easy. The first step is completion of your Candidate Profile.

You must:

  • Be willing to relocate to Canada. This is a must. All roles are with Canadian tech companies. It is NOT remote employment.
  • Have a minimum 3 years’ experience in a tech qualified role
  • Tech Degree is preferred
How do I start the process with Path to Canada?

Simply complete and submit your Candidate Profile – take 5 minutes and tell us a bit about yourself. Be sure to provide a link to your LinkedIn profile. Our team will review your submission as soon as possible and will contact you if you are qualified for our Tech Talent Relocation Program.

Can I start to work in Canada before I get my permanent residence?

Yes. As soon as you’re approved for the Global Talent Skills Strategy program, a work permit will be issued.