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  • Python Deployment Engineer – Multithreading/Tensorflow/MongoDB

Python Deployment Engineer – Multithreading/Tensorflow/MongoDB

August 5, 2022

Job Description

  • We are an exciting new startup that’s changing the world of gaming. We’re building AI to automate gaming highlights, directly from Twitch and YouTube streams. We- re looking for a superstar Python expert to help develop and deploy our AI pipeline.
  • The main task will be deploying models and algorithms developed by our AI team, and keeping the daily production pipeline running. Our pipeline is centered around several microservices, all written in Python, that coordinate their actions through a database.
  • We’re looking for developers with deep experience in Python including profiling and improving the performance of production code, multiprocessing / multithreading, and managing a pipeline that is constantly running. AI/ML experience is a plus, but not necessary. AWS / docker / CI/CD practices are also a plus.

You Will Be Responsible For

  • Building Python scripts to deploy our AI components into pipeline and production
  • Developing logic to ensure multiple different AI components work together seamlessly through a microservices architecture
  • Managing our daily pipeline on both on-premise servers and AWS
  • Working closely with the AI engineering, backend and frontend teams

You Should Have The Following Qualities

  • Deep expertise in Python including:
  • Multiprocessing / multithreaded applications
  • Class-based inheritance and modules
  • DB integration including pymongo and sqlalchemy (we have MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases on our backend)
  • Understanding Python performance bottlenecks, and how to profile and improve the performance of production code
  • Expertise in Docker-based virtualization including:
  • Creating & maintaining custom Docker images
  • Deployment of Docker images on cloud and on-premise services
  • Experience with maintaining cloud applications in AWS environments
  • Experience in deploying machine learning algorithms into production (e.g. tensorflow, keras, opencv, etc) is a plus
  • Experience with running Nvidia GPU / CUDA-based tasks is a plus
  • Excited about working in a fast-changing startup environment
  • Willingness to learn rapidly on the job, try different things, and deliver results
  • Ideally a gamer or someone interested in watching gaming content online


  • Required: Python, AWS, Docker, Multiprocessing / multithreaded programming, python classes / OOP techniques, pymongo, sqlalchemy.
  • Optional: AI, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, deploying Nvidia GPU / CUDA programs

About Us

We are building AI to automate gaming highlights, directly from Twitch and YouTube videos. Presently, there are a billion fans around the world that watch gaming videos on Twitch and YouTube. We are creating a new highlights experience for these fans, so they can catch up on their favorite streamers and esports leagues.

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