Python Backend + Database Engineer

August 8, 2022


We are an exciting new startup in the world of gaming. We’re building AI to automatically create highlights of gaming streamers and esports tournaments. Ultimately, our aim is to personalize the best moments in gaming everyday to the billions of gaming fans around the world.

For this role, we’re looking for someone to help maintain and expand our middleware / API backend. We currently have a frontend built with React/JS which interfaces with a REST API built on Python using FastAPI, along with a python backend AI pipeline. The REST API accesses data stored in both PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Your role would be to maintain our current API middleware and also expand and maintain it as necessary as the frontend needs change.

You Should Have The Following Qualities

  • Required expertise:
    • Python
    • FastAPI
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQL including DB schema design and query optimization
    • MongoDB
    • Use of python integrations with PostgreSQL and MongoDB. We currently use SQLAlchemy and PyMongo so experience with that is preferred but we’re willing to consider if you have deep expertise with other libraries.
    • GraphQL
  • Expertise in the following is preferred but not required:
    • Javascript (to interface with our frontend engineers, but won’t necessarily be writing JS code)
    • Hasura (for implementing GraphQL schemas)

Skills:- Python, Database Design, Data Structures, API, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy

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