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Machine Learning Engineer

Full Time
Remote, Toronto
Posted 1 month ago

We are disrupting the industrial sector with our cutting-edge AI platform, by transforming industrial engineers into data and digital engineers. Backed by some of the world’s largest VCs, we are democratizing the use of AI in day to day operations so industrial companies can build AI/ML models at scale and deploy them in production to gain business benefits in real time.

What we do

  • We create pipelines that are able to solve classes of industrial data problems
  • We use Keras, SciKit-Learn,XGBoost, SHAP and regularly research and add new libraries to our stack
  • Pipelines and back-end built mostly with Python
  • Kubeflow for ML and Kafka for Date pipelines
  • We use CircleCI to continuously test, integrate and deploy code changes, including ML

We’re looking for candidates with

  • Experience applying machine learning and deep learning algorithms to time-series problems
  • Strong knowledge of probability and statistics, plus a passion for working with data
  • The ability to implement feature engineering and data transformations at scale
  • Solid Python development skills, including experience with NumPy, Pandas and one or more ML libraries
  • An understanding of micro service architecture and containerization
  • A proven track record of delivering well-designed and tested software

Benefits include

  • Awesome team and culture (every day)
  • Generous time off, including vacation and personal days to help rejuvenate
  • Extended health benefits, including drug coverage, dental coverage, and a Health Spending Account
  • Flexible office policy, with options to work remotely
  • Attend Conferences to extend your knowledge and skills
  • Company-provided MacBooks and standing desks
  • Top technology and tools to excel at your role
  • Free team lunches

*This is a remote role, but we prefer candidates to reside within the Toronto area as we may implement a hybrid model in future.


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