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The process to move to a new country takes time, both for research and for applications to be processed. While the Canadian tech companies may have paused hiring due to the effects of COVID-19, now is a great time to explore options for immigrating to Canada.. Then, when the economy begins to recover, you will be ready to make the move when the right tech job comes available in Canada.


I started Path to Canada to help tech immigrants find a tech job in Canada and help them with Canadian immigration options, and to help Canadian tech companies find top tier engineering talent. The rapid onslaught of Coronavirus has changed everything. The Canadian job market, like the one in the US, is negatively impacted by Coronavirus. We have entered a steep recession. Most companies have stopped hiring, and many are now doing layoffs. Additionally, it will be unsafe to travel to Canada and look for a new apartment for the next couple of months (at a minimum).


Canada can still be your Plan B, but we recommend a change in strategy: Focus instead on applying for Canadian Permanent Residency and/or researching options for graduate school.


Canada’s Permanent Residence is awarded on a points based system. There are points awarded by IELTS score/English competency, years of relevant work experience, type of degree, etc. Once you apply, you are in a pool with all the other applicants. They draw by number of points. Last months score was 472, meaning that any applicants with that many points were invited to apply for Permanent Residency. That process can take months. Which means you need to get started now. Path to Canada will have more info on how to apply for PR and strategies to increase your point score.


Alternately, you can apply to Canadian graduate schools to continue your education. There are many top tier universities in Canada, and they cost significantly less than the US. And you are then well positioned to apply for a tech job in Canada upon graduation. Path to Canada will have more info on this option soon.


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