Build your tech career and life in Canada

Canadian tech companies are hiring and looking for experienced talent.

Facing immigration or permanent resident challenges in the US?

Canada may be the answer to your immigration dilemma – and your career dreams. The reality of the H-1B immigration situation in the US is that many more candidates will apply than those who will get selected. Unfortunately, after finding your dream job and starting a life in the US, losing out on the lottery means that you will not have a chance to work and live in the US long-term. Fortunately, there’s a job explosion happening in Canada, that you can take advantage of.

Our team at Path to Canada focuses on matching highly skilled tech professionals with Canadian tech companies who are hiring and will sponsor your work visa. We are expertly focused on the North American tech marketplace. Our goal is to get you hired.

Canada’s secret weapon could be your gateway to Canadian residency.

Canada boasts the worlds best immigration program in the world — Global Talent Stream (GTS). GTS is specifically developed to support Canada’s tech industry. The process is streamlined and fast.

Canada’s tech sector is exploding. Explore employment opportunities in Canada.

Job Titles include Fullstack C#.NET Developer, Software Engineer, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer – Full Stack. Positions are constantly being added — check often and apply.

Our team provides you with individualized, direct service to help find you your perfect Canadian role.

Our cross-border experts will personally connect with you to understand your specific needs. We match you with an open role at a Canadian tech company.

There is no fee for our service

Ready to move to Canada to continue your tech career?

Qualification is quick and easy.

Key criteria include:

  • Willing to move your tech career and life to Canada
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in a tech qualified role
  • Tech Degree is preferred


Your first step is to complete the Candidate Assessment Form. Be sure to answer every question as carefully and accurately as possible.

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Candidate Assessment

Let this be the start of a new life for you in Canada. Please complete your profile as accurately and completely as possible to allow us to quickly determine your qualification for our Tech Talent Relocation Program.

What happens once you submit your profile?

Our team will first determine your qualification status. We will then actively partner with you and match you to current or future open roles.

You will be invited to a video call so we can get to know you and understand your specific situation and the type of role you are interested in. In this session, we will share our expertise on the Canadian tech sector, the positions that match your skill sets, and then begin the process of getting you connected and interviewed. Our number one goal is you! We want to ensure you get an amazing role with a great company and with a good salary to match!

We understand that moving to a new country isn’t easy and you’ll have lots of questions. We are here to support you every step of the way. You will have direct access to our team of professionals and informational webinars to ensure your transition to Canada is as smooth as possible.