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My Story

I’m the son of an immigrant. I have great respect for people who leave their home country and seek a better life. I was born in the US (and am a US citizen), and moved to Canada twice: Once for graduate school to get an MBA at the University of Western Ontario (Ivey School of Business) and then to work for a few years in Toronto.

I’ve spent over 20 years building VC backed startups in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Toronto in sales and business development roles. Also spent a year in Toronto in venture capital. In 2014 I founded Syndesus. We build engineering teams in Canada for VC backed US startups and high growth tech companies, and we handle HR/payroll/remote employment for workers in Canada. Path to Canada is the second cross border company I have founded. I live in San Jose, CA.

Why I started Path to Canada

I know that choosing a new country is a huge undertaking. I speak from experience about moving from the US to Canada. I know that some of you making this move have no choice, as you cannot stay in the US any longer due to work visa or immigration issues. I also know that some of you have an H-1B but are considering moving to Canada because the wait is so long and you want a more permanent existence.

Path to Canada is about the journey to a new life in a new country. It starts with qualifying for immigration, but equally important it includes help with getting a job with a Canadian tech company that will sponsor your work visa. And it includes help with the journey to establishing life in a new country. We can offer guidance on moving from the US, banking in Canada, how to find housing, how to get a set up with required Canadian government documents (i.e. Social Insurance Number and a provincial health card), etc.

Path to Canada respects immigrants and their desire to improve their own lives and the lives of their families. We seek to offer a solution that allows people to live and work in a country (Canada) that welcomes immigrants. We speak from personal experience when it comes to living and working in Canada. Path to Canada will never sell your information or market to you in any way. Our goal is to set you on a path of building your life and career in Canada.

Path2Canada Team

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